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Turcat-Mery 1919 1919 Turcat-Mery Sport-Torpedo 17/08/08 rnm $0 Gooding Company
Chasis number :
PJ 1014

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Chassis: PJ 1014|Bespoke, Sport-Torpedo Coachwork by Million-Guiet, Paris|Highly Original, Recommissioned "As-Found" Condition|Single-Family Ownership For Over 75 Years|A High-Horsepower Supercar Of Its Day|Custom Built To Royal Performance Requirements|9.5-Litre Lorraine-Dietrich Type AM 100+ BHP, OHC Six-Cylinder Aero Engine|4-Speed Manual Transmission|4-Wheel Perrot-Type Brakes|Semi-Elliptic Spring Front And Rear Suspension